About Minimalist and Loving It

Well.. I have to be honest, I was one of those people who went for the flamboyantly red KSOs just because I thought they were cool. However, the more I looked into the shoes, the more I figured it could help me get back into running, and getting into that physical physique that I wanted so badly. So I began running, following the C25k that is prominent in the earlier days of my blog. I contemplated making a website or blog to share my story, hoping to be the next big minimalist blog. Even though I thought I would probably just crash and burn.

But that didn't happen my blog has had hundreds of views, and allowed me to test my first product which I didn't think would happen for years. especially not in the first month. It is still a long way from becoming a top blog, but it is well on its way. Thank you for all that have helped me along on this path, from friends helping me by telling me what looks good what looks bad, to helping me market my blog. To my family supporting me through these times and encouraging me. To Stem Footwear for allowing me to test my first pair of shoes.

The blog is named minimalist and loving it for the reason it sounds like. Before I got into minimalism life had a gray hue instead of its stunning brilliance. Once I got back closer to nature, closer to the person I wanted to be life began to regain its color. I will never go back to my built up shoes.  There is so much left to see and experience.

Life. Is. Beautiful.